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Little John's House kids on trampoline

Vlad arrived at Little John’s House in May 2009 having been in orphanages all of  his life. Arriving as a frightened little boy, Vlad would head bang, scream and be very aggressive. He suffers from a cleft palate and struggles to eat because of this. His dental hygiene is also in need of treatment. We would love to provide him with the orthordontic support and eventual surgery that should solve the problem. This campaign aims to provide us with the funds to achieve this.  

Little Johns House

Little Johns HouseThe History…..

Little John’s House was purchased in 1993 to provide a secure home for Ionut Balan (Little John), a Romanian child who had earlier been invited to Devon to receive expert surgical/medical treatment, intensive physiotherapy, professional nursing and a great deal of loving care. His only other home in Romania would have been a State “Home for Irrecuperables”, where the residents received the minimum of food and clothing and where medicine was almost non-existent.
Ionut was an inspiration to everyone who met him.

The Present……… 

Ionut died of a heart attack in 1997 but the memory of him lives on to provide loving care for Adi, Costica, Iulia, Andrada, Laur and Anamaria, who live as a Special Needs ‘family’ in the care of employed Romanian helpers, supervised by Mags and Liviu Zaharia. Dr. Daniela Mutiu is sponsored to act as the home’s medical advisor.

Another important aspect of the work of Little John’s House is that of Respite and Day Care. This runs in the form of a Summer School and a Day Care Centre.


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yesterday a different family arrived instead. They only had 20 minutes to leave their home town of Kharkiv as a shell hit their courtyard. They have spent a long time travelling through Ukraine and Romania but at least now they can rest and we can get them what they need. Whilst we had no residents of our own, we were able to help 9 women and 20 children who are staying at the local student accommodation – they have needed clothes as they left with just a suitcase, thinking that they would be able to go back home soon – medicines, medical appointments and a bit of normality! They also now have a set of children’s books each which have been produced in Romania especially for the refugee children.   29.3.22 Last week we heard of a family that were stuck in Sibiu without food, money or medicines that they…

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To purchase packs of 6 cards, simply donate multiples of £7.50 to the ‘Greetings Cards’ campaign by clicking on ‘donate online’. Please tell us how many packs you are buying and whether they are A or B in the ‘comments’ section. We will then post these lovely cards to you. Thanks!

At Little John’s House, we are so grateful for all of the wonderful fundraisers that support us by undertaking amazing challenges. We are also hugely grateful to those supporters who contribute monthly to the charity. We currently have a regular monthly income of £1,500 and an outgoing of £4,000. This is why we are now appealing to any past volunteers, supporters or other friends of LJH to consider contributing regularly to the charity, to allow us to continue providing the care and family our young adults need and deserve. We would really appreciate your support. If you would like to set up a regular monthly contributions, you can do so through our donation page. Please click here

Our young adults love getting out into the fresh air of the mountains for a walk and picnic. Here are some pictures of their most recent adventure. These trips are only made possible through your donations to support the running costs of the LJH minibus. Thank you.

We have some exciting news, but we need your help! Little John’s House are planning to purchase a piece of land and self-build a farm complex that will have separate adult, children’s and staff accommodation, a day centre to receive many children who are not allowed to attend school, a respite care unit for distressed families and a general Centre of Excellence. For more information, click on the ‘Farm Land Appeal’ tab.

Farm appeal to barn appeal For several years now, Little John’s House staff have been searching the local area to find the perfect piece of land for our proposed farm project. Unfortunately, a delightful 3.7 acres of orchard/farm land, which we had reserved, has since been lost. Despite best efforts, no further piece of land has been found, but our mission to further enrich the lives of our young adults and provide a loving home for more children with special needs continues. With this mission at the center, we would now like to inform you of our revised project, which is to knock down the existing barn at Little John’s House and rebuild a purpose built centre in its place. We have therefore launched our ‘Barn Appeal’. All funds previously raised to purchase the land and build the farm will be transferred to this new barn appeal. We are currently…

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