Welcome to Little John’s House

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Little John’s is a secure home for children and adults with special needs and a centre for respite care. Established in 1993, Little John’s house now cares for 6 young adults with varying needs. Here is a short video showing the history of Little John’s House



At any one time there are many projects ongoing at Little John’s House: some maintenance (eg repairing the barn roof), some for individual children (eg medical care) and some which simply aim to enrich the lives of the 6 children or the wider community of children (eg providing a minibus) – all of them require money.



You can volunteer to help at Little John’s House at any time of the year. There are always projects to complete. Most people, however, volunteer at the annual summer school. For more information on attending Summer School, please contact Mags or one of the trustees, all of whom will be more than willing to help.

A Brief History

Little John’s House was purchased in 1993 to provide a secure home for Ionut Balan (Little John), a Romanian child suffering from hydrocephalus, who had earlier been invited to Devon to receive expert surgical/medical treatment, intensive physiotherapy, professional nursing and a great deal of loving care. His only other home in Romania would have been a State “Home for Irrecuperables”, where the residents received the minimum of food and clothing and where medicine was almost non-existent.
Ionut (in the photo below) was an inspiration to everyone who met him. Sadly he died of a heart attack in 1997 but the memory of him lives on to provide loving care for our 6 current children.

The Present
Costica, Iulia, Andrada, Laur, Anamaria and Vlad now live happily in the care of employed Romanian helpers, and supervised by the director Mags. Find out more about each young adult by clicking on the ‘Young adults’ link.

Little John’s House is not just a home for 6 young adults, but reaches out to touch the lives of many other special needs and disadvantaged children and young adults living in other care homes, hospitals and family homes in the local area. Click on the ‘Outreach support’ link to find out more.